Welcome to CHgroupNT

CHgroupNT is a real estate agency engaged in activities reflecting the modern trends. Our service is based on responsible customer expectations evaluation and implementation. Experience the real estate industry and strong relationships with business partners and contractors that provide huge discounts, ensuring the desired quality of service to our customer. Regular communication and responsibility, individual reflective study of the expectations of each client ensures optimal, real estate and exceptional items, the purchase or lease option. We guarantee quality, as you look after the works are carried out according to the customer’s needs. All of our items are logistically comfortable and oriented to the city.

Our values : professional approach to work and charge the customer’s expectations in the estimate is the most effective way to meet the needs of the customer. Our company policy is cost, high quality, convenience at the best price.

Our services :
mediation / property management / investments / marketing / procurement / drafting / filling applications

Consulting services : sales / architects / designers / interior / exterior / technology / surveying / construction / banks / notaries / brokers / EU projects / landscaping professionals / legal services

We hear, understand, and together find the best solution for your future !!!