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Real estate in Spain

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Real estate in Spain

Heaven on earth… Maybe not so far as you thought?
Costa del Sol – is an ideal place for holidays and for life.

During winter many of us are rushing to warm and exotic places, looking for warm sea, skin kissing sun and fabulous views. What else is needed for a runner-up, from cold and gloomy winter.
South of Spain offers what it has best “Costa del Sol“ or the Sunny Coast – is an idial location for leisure and living. This region is located on the coast of mideteraneum sea, betwean Malaga and Gibraltar and is one of the most visited places in Spain.

Why the Sunny Coast ?
Answer is very simple – more than 300 sunny days a year. So there is no doubt that almost all your days will be filled with sun and could be spent on golden sand beaches, possibility to get soft glamorous chocolate tan is always included. Soft and cozy sun with healthy iodine filled sea air might be the reason to buy property there?

So what is the most fascinating thing on the “Sunny Coast?”
It’s the location itself and also how towns and villages are built along the Mediterranean Sea. Even the short journey from one town to another is breathtaking from one side you can enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, from another mountains that reaches the clouds. Distances from one place to another are short and they will not be too long, because of these beautiful views through the window.

The most popular cities?
Perhaps the most important and largest city of “the Sunny Coast” is undoubtedly Malaga. Immense numbers of museums, cultural or leisure sites, green spaces, everything could be found here. Spanish city that never sleeps also have one of the biggest airports in Spain.
Mijas, Calahonda and Elvira three Mediterranean pearls suitable for leisure and living. The city of Mijas is known for its narrow, cozy streets and small tourist shops. For romantic walks, Mijas is an idle place, after all, all the streets leads to the sea… Calahonda – 500,000m2 of coastal beauty, with beautiful views … Calahonda is one of the most popular towns to live or rent property – countless villas, luxurious suites everything you will find there, and all with beautiful views to the sea. Although Calahonda is a well-developed, modern city, you can still find some traditional Spanish cozy, rural elements and traditions, and even ancient elements. Elvira is the brightest pearl of them all, located near Marbella, it has best beaches in Spain along with famous “Nikky Beach”. Elvira is the perfect place if you are looking for property, this place combines nightlife with cozy and calm seaside living.
Finally, Marbela, most popular town in “The Sunny Coast” known throughout the Europe and the world. Recreation, sea, night clubs and luxury – only few things that Marbella has to offer. World famous “Puerto Banus” harbor attracts with luxury shops, you can meet a lot of famous people from all over the world. Marbella competes with South France resorts or maybe wins?

What else “The Sunny Coast” attracts people for?
It is a real paradise for golf enthusiast, golf fields are so fine, that you can distinguish and separate two types of tourists, those who are looking for apartment with seaside views and those who are looking for suites with golf course views. It is true that people who visit “The Sunny Coast” will return there once more. It’s a bargain to have a lovely and cozy property in “The Sunny Coast” not only for holidays, but even it might become your second home.
The Sunny Coast is an ideal place both for living and for holidays, because sun and positive emotions are newer enough!

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