Apartment in the center of Kaunas, with the view of the „Vienybės Square“.

The residential building was built for the employes of the Bank of Lithuania and is one of the largest and most luxurious early interwar houses. The apartments had a hall and separate guest rooms. Eclectic historic stylistic structure was one of the first ones, from which the prestigious capital street began to form. The building in the half empty part of the new town featured a monumental architecture, like a metropolis. Luxury and representative facade of V. Putvinskis street, and the inner courtyard of the building ignores the scale of the enviroment. Perfect place beautiful view this is the place where you will feel maximum comfort of life.
Today we want to offer 122 sq.m an apartment on the upper floors of the house, probably the most valuable space in V. Putvinskis street. This is the only house with such a beautiful and exclusive architecture. Perhaps each of us would be proud to live in a house with a story like this.

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Total area of the apartment is 122 sq.m
Well-designed, spacious rooms
Three bedrooms
Shower and toilet in the common area
VELUX – windows, with additional project for new windows
Autonomous – gas heating.
Two air conditioners
Roof – fully renovated and insulated
Enclosed courtyard
Parking in the courtyard.


Excellent locality, especially good connections
High ceiling
Private parking place
Autonomous – gas heating.